John E Champney

John Champney was a shipowner who lived in Beverley, Yorkshire and Hans Place, London. He owned a house called Horton Cottage, near Windsor and he and his wife Margaret wished to see it used as a convalescent home for people “tired out” by nursing, long hours of work or nervous breakdown. It seems that they actually started using the house for this purpose in their lifetimes. Mr Champney died in 1929 and left the house to the Ogilvie Charities with an endowment fund to maintain and run it. It was renamed the Margaret Champney Home and was operated very successfully.

After the Second World War the trustees decided the building was no longer suitable because of its isolated location and the proliferation of gravel pits in the vicinity which had destroyed footpaths and other amenities. The house was sold and a replacement purchased in Tunbridge Wells. The new Margaret Champney Home was opened in 1954.

As well as leaving funds to support the convalescent home John Champney authorised the trustees to make grants to shipwrecked mariners, particularly in his home county of Yorkshire.