Specific Charitable Projects

We make grants to other charities and organisations, particularly those benefitting older people and those with connections to the Society of Friends. We do not make grants for running costs.

Recent awards have included payments towards:

· Radios for the visually impaired

· Fire alarms and escapes at a centre used by volunteer support groups

· Talking computers for visually impaired ex service people

· Alarm pendants for elderly people on discharge from hospital

Most awards are in the range £500 to £1,000. In the last financial year the total distribution was in the region of £25,000.

To be considered for an award, charities must write to us by 15th September with full information about the project for which they are seeking funding and enclose a copy of their latest accounts.

Applications for an award from The Charity of Mary Catherine Ford Smith and The Ogilvie No. 2 Trust Fund are considered in the autumn of each year and payments are made in December.