Essential Household Items

From 1st August 2020 the Ogilvie Trustees will once again be considering applications for grants from The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund.

This fund gives small grants to individuals in need, for the purchase of essential items not supplied by the statutory agencies. It may give grants for beds and bedding, cookers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and clothing. The primary aim is to assist those with a household member suffering from incontinence or other medical condition; grants for household items may be awarded where there is a genuine need. Most awards are between £100 and £200.

Applications must be made through a social worker, community nurse or similar professional agency and payment is made direct to that agency.

In the first instance your chosen professional must contact us by post or email and provide the following information:

· Their name, job title and the name and address of the organisation they represent

· Your name, a GDPR Consent form (see the download below) and brief details of your circumstances

· Your household’s weekly income and expenditure (a download is available below to assist with the application if required)

· A prioritised list of the items required with approximate cost, second hand where appropriate

· Which other charities and/or agencies have been approached for funding?

These awards are made from The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund.

Download an Income and Expenditure form and our GDPR Consent form

PDF Version

Microsoft Word Version

Objectives and Criteria

Income from the endowed funds of the Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund will be used to assist individuals who are unable to finance from their own resources, or obtain from the statutory services –

  1. The purchase of household items (see section below)
  2. Powered disability aids and/or
  3. In very limited circumstances – clothing

Grants will be made – they will fall within the range – £100 to £200 per application

The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund will consider applications in respect of

  1. Individuals and/or Families (NO age limit)

The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund cannot consider applications from individuals/families who do not apply through a third party or who

  1. Do not meet all/any of the criteria as outlined
  2. Fail to supply the relevant information in a timely manner
  3. Anyone living outside the United Kingdom
  4. Anyone living in residential and/or permanent care
  5. Refugees unless they have established legitimate status in the United Kingdom
  6. Those individuals who have no recourse to public funds – whatever the circumstances leading to this position
  7. Anyone in prison
  8. Anyone in the UK unlawfully

The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund can help with

  1. Household goods such as
    -beds and bedding – particularly in cases of incontinence
    -cookers – where no cooking facilities exist
    -fridge/freezers – particularly where medication needs to be kept refrigerated
    -washing machines – particularly where cases of illness causes excess laundry
    -hospital visiting where family has a need to stay away from home for lengthy periods of time
  2. Powered disability aids

The Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund cannot help with

  1. Items already funded elsewhere
  2. Those whose lifestyle expenditure funds tobacco and alcohol
  3. The purchase and/or running cost of a telephone
  4. Purchase of a computer and/or electronic game machines
  5. Re-payment of debts
  6. Holiday and/or respite care
  7. The purchase of floor coverings and soft furnishings
  8. Daily living expenses
  9. Adaptations to property and aids to daily living

Other Important Information

  1. Where there are too many applicants for the funds available preference will be given to those who are the most economically challenged.
  2. Any individual successful applicant may not apply for another grant within two years of the original application/grant awarded.
  3. Grants and/or loans awarded must be used/expended within a year of the successful applicant being notified. Failure to comply will lead to the grant being withdrawn.
  4. Applications will not be considered by the Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund without a written application; this may take any form the applicant wishes but must give sufficient information to judge against the criteria already listed.
  5. Grant payments will not be made to individual applicants.
  6. All successful grant payments will be made payable to the organisation making the referral.
  7. Where the Grants Committee stipulate any conditions to a grant they must be met in full before any payment is made.
  8. This charity has a net annual income in the region of £16,000. Once this money has been utilised no further grants will be made in that financial year. For the record the financial year ends at 31st December.
  9. All decisions of the Trustees are final and no subsequent correspondence will be entered into.

Process for applicants

Written applications should be sent to the registered address of the Charity – addressed to the General Manager.

On receipt of the information a decision will be made within 6 to 8 weeks.

Due to the volume of applications the Straitened Circumstances (1961) Fund are unable to acknowledge the receipt of applications. All applicants will be informed of the result of the Charities decision usually within 21 working days of that decision. We regret we are unable to provide the result of the Charities decision by telephone.

Please use the e-mail or postal address of the charity in all forms of communication.