Funding for Holidays for Carers

From 1st August 2020 the Ogilvie Trustees will once again be considering applications for grants from The Margaret Champney Rest & Holiday Fund.

Grants are made to support respite holidays for carers. The primary aim is to give a complete break to a carer while the person cared for is receiving respite care. In exceptional circumstances we may assist where the carer and cared for wish to holiday together, provided they are husband and wife or partners, or an adult child caring for an aged parent or vice versa.
If funds allow, consideration may be given to funding family holidays in the UK where one or more family members suffers a severe disability.

Typical grants range from £200 to £300.

Applications must be made through a social worker, community nurse or similar professional agency and payment is made direct to that agency.

In the first instance your chosen professional must contact us by post or email and provide the following information :

· Their name, job title and the name and address of the organisation they represent

· Your name, a GDPR Consent form (see the download below), and brief details of your circumstances

· Your household’s weekly income and expenditure (a download is available below to assist with the application if required)

· Your proposed holiday venue, date and likely costs

· Who will take over your carering role whilst you are away?

· Which other charities and/or agencies have been approached for funding?

These awards are made from The Margaret Champney Rest and Holiday Fund.

Download an Income and Expenditure form and our GDPR Consent form

PDF Version

Microsoft Word Version

Objectives and Criteria

Income from the endowed funds of the Margaret Champney Rest and Holiday Fund will be used to assist –

  1. Individuals who care for others to have a break completely away from the person whom they normally care for.
  2. Where the carer and cared for wish to holiday together.
  3. Family holidays in the UK where one or more members of the family are substantially disabled and where the Margaret Champney Rest & Holiday Fund has funds available.

Grants will be made – they will fall within the range –