The Pauletta Edwards Education and Training Fund

Regretfully the payment of all grants from this fund administered by the Ogilvie Charities’ Trustees has been temporarily suspended. This will be reviewed in Autumn 2020.


Pauletta Edwards left property in her will so that the income could be used for “the training and education of deprived and disadvantaged children”. Her decision to establish this fund was probably motivated by her childhood experiences in an orphanage, and the difficulty she faced in obtaining a university education.

The Pauletta Edwards Education and Training Fund “PEE&TF” is administered by The Ogilvie Charities. Income from the PEE&TF endowed funds is used to support deprived and/or disadvantaged children and young adults to obtain training and/or education. Preference is given to the visually impaired, but applicants need not be registered blind.

This form is for individual applicants. Relevant UK charities may contact us in writing.

We will consider applications from:

Children and young adults who have been legally resident in the UK for three years prior to the course/training and who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. They have spent all or part of their lives in an orphanage and/or care
  2. They have been found guilty of a criminal offence or have received a police caution in the UK
  3. They or their immediate family have no or very limited financial resources. This means that they will normally be in receipt of benefits
  4. They have a visual impairment

Relevant UK Charities may contact us in writing

We cannot consider applications from:

Individuals who

  1. Are studying at postgraduate level or above
  2. Already hold a professional qualification or degree or equivalent
  3. Are seeking help with costs or debts already incurred or existing loans
  4. Are seeking less than £500
  5. Wish to train/study abroad unless this is an integral part of a UK based course
  6. Have already received a grant from the PEE&TF

We can help with costs such as:

  1. UK university/college fees
  2. Costs associated with an apprenticeship with an employer who operates a recognised apprenticeship scheme
  3. Co